PTPL facilitates internships in Japan for undergraduate and graduate level students with technical background who want to pursue their career in Japan, apply their Japanese skills, gain industry exposure, and work with Japanese natives. We have partnered with many Japanese organizations for onsite internships, and the hiring process for 2024 internship has already begun. Companies are looking for the best students in the batch to intern with, so now is the time to get started

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Why Internships in Japan can be the key to your dream job in Japan?

Language proficiency: 

Internships in Japan provide you with the opportunity to practice your Japanese language, meet with delegates in the organization, and experience a truly Japanese working environment. This cultural experience will be invaluable for your personal and professional development, especially in a rapidly changing world. Practical interaction in a professional environment can speed up language learning beyond what can be achieved in a classroom.

Industry exposure:

Interns gain valuable information about industry practices, technology and methods specific to Japan, which can improve their professional skills and broaden their perspectives.


It also provides opportunities for development. a network of professional contacts in Japan that can be useful for future career opportunities. Building relationships with mentors, supervisors, and colleagues during an internship can open doors to potential job opportunities or collaboration opportunities later.

Overall, an internship in Japan provides a rich and varied experience that can greatly contribute to an individual’s personal and professional development. development . Whether it’s learning about Japanese culture, improving your language skills, or building a global network, the benefits of an internship in Japan are many and far-reaching

PTPL helps candidates to – 

Get a opportunity to be placed in Indian IT company and MNCs
Few selected candidates can directly get a job in Japan
Candidates opting for internship generally get more preference
PTPL can also help candidates prepare for interview

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